Our services

Monuments et lettrage Lapointe conceives, designs and erects personalized monuments of the highest quality at competitive prices. We control each step of their fabrication, which enables us to monitor the quality of each monument, from its conception to its installation.


Here are the services we offer:


- The conception of a monument that meets your expectations

- The selection of the appropriate material to embrace your conception, your personal taste and your budget

- Hand-made drawings and sculptures on the monument

- Monument accessories to complement your creation

- The preparation of the base to receive the monument which meets or exceeds your cemetery’s criteria

- Lettering and engraving on new monuments or on site for existing monuments (see pictures on site)

- Fresh coating of lettering paint

- Etching (engraving faces) on black monuments

- Monuments repairs

- Monuments restoration

- Monuments cleaning (see pictures on cleaning)

- Retouche du lettrage et peinture

- Address plaques d'adresse and other creations (see pictures of other creations)


Monuments et lettrage Lapointe can assist you in choosing the appropriate text, the flower design, the epitaph, the significant symbols and even a picture which could be incorporated to your monument.

Monuments et lettrage Lapointe will prepare the drawings and the sketches, and will present you with a stenciled draft to help you visualize the monument once it will be completed. This way, you can review it and bring any change or correction before the inscriptions are engraved in stone.

Our expertise

The erection of a monument is a mix of creativity, of art, of know-how and fabrication. We work together with our clients to give life to their ideas, their stories and their feelings on granite to bring homage to the departed.


We can create beautiful conceptions from drawings, pictures or sketches.

All our monuments are fabricated by hand from natural granite of the highest quality.

Les Monuments et lettrage Lapointe have 50 years of cumulated experience in the restoration, the cleaning, and the lettering of monuments.