Personal planning

There are many reasons to plan your succession. Here are the reasons we consider are the most important when planning and choosing your monument.

A monument should be chosen as a couple
Being a couple, you have shared your lives together. You have made important decisions together. A monument is the most durable object that you will purchase.

It complements your succession planning  
Most people realize the importance of planning their succession, but omit to plan their funeral. As a result, the surviving spouse is often bearing this choice and cost. By settling your affairs now, you can save them this difficult situation. You can spare them the stress of choosing a monument during a difficult emotional period.

The choice will be yours
You have chosen your home, your car and where you went on your vacations, from your taste, your preferences and your wishes. Why leave out the choice of your monument? We will work with you to ensure that your monument best describes your history in stone – one that will reflect your life, your interests, your beliefs and your accomplishments.

Your heirs won’t have to guess
It is ill thought and unfair to place the chore of choosing your monument on your heirs. They cannot guess your wishes.

Your insurance will serve its primary purpose
By purchasing your monument now, your life insurance will be used for what you had in mind: providing for the needs of those you love.

Your monument can be moved, if you move
If you consider that you may later move, it is not a problem. A cemetery lot can be resold and a monument can be moved for little cost.

Whatever happens, your commemoration is guaranteed
No one can predict the future: financial problems can delay the purchase of a monument, sometimes indefinitely. Disagreements can have the same effect. By purchasing you monument ahead of time, you are protecting yourself against these uncertainties – it is your guarantee that it will unfold as you so wished.

You may contact us to discuss the possible purchase options.