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Choosing a monument

A monument is much more than a simple piece of rock indicating a tomb. It acknowledges the historical life of our beloved ones. It should not be a symbol of sadness, but should rather represent a concrete celebration of respect, memories and love and convey the spirit and the joy of living that our beloved have shown to their friends and family.A monument describes the past, but also speaks of the present while reminding us of tomorrow. It stands for life, and not death, and by choosing it properly, it brings reverence, belief, faith, and hope for tomorrow.
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Funerary Monument

Granite funerary monument of the highest possible quality

Lettering / Engraving

Specialist in lettering monuments on site at the cemetery

Cleaning and Repairs

Specialized in cleaning and repair of any product of granite, marble or natural stone.

Custom projects

Civic address plate, natural stone, wooden sign, glass and even metal, we can engrave on almost any material.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a monument cost?

The price between markers and monuments varies depending on their complexity. The prices vary generally between $800 and upwards of $15,000.The average cost for a simple monument varies between $2,000 and $3,500 and a double monument would be between $3,500 and $5,500. Many factors may affect the bottom line, such as the chosen material, the size, the drawings, the finish and the lettering.The lettering applied to a monument before it is mounted is between $4 and $6 per letter.The lettering engraved on site varies between $7,50 and $12 per letter, and includes a minimum charge of $165 for travel fees.

How am I to choose a monument?

Choosing a monument is an investment in time and money and should be made with great care and attention.Since each cemetery has its own rules which stipulates the size and the type of monuments that can be erected, it is advised to consult a monument maker before purchasing your cemetery lot, since the monument maker knows the rules of the cemeteries. It is in your rights to become familiar with the rules of a cemetery before purchasing a lot.You are under no obligation to purchase your monument from the cemetery or the funeral home. In fact, we recommend that you wait until all is settled before purchasing the monument if it was not done beforehand.

What are the different types of monuments?

Standing monuments are available in a variety of style, shapes and size, giving room for creativity and personalized drawings. They are truly works of art. They come in single or double format.The cushions (beveled markers) are halfway between the standing monuments and the flat marker. They come in single or double format and can be personalized with symbols and inscriptions.Flat markers can be personalized, however their surface is smaller. Because they sit flat at ground level, they are harder to find.Finally, there are multi-piece complexes which serve for many generations, mausoleums, and columbariums.Where cemeteries allow, we can install crosses, statues and vases.See our inventory pictures

From what material are monuments made?

Our monuments are made of granite. Granite a durable rock, at a good price, and it is available un an array of colours: black, grey, charcoal, red, pink, brown, green or blue. Bronze symbolizes the eternal metal, and is sometimes used on flat markers and to embellish monuments.

When can a monument be installed?

The bases of monuments can only be installed in the warm seasons, however, we can purchase it at any time. It will be installed as soon as the nice weather returns.

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